The Osteosarcoma Information Hotline

What is the Osteosarcoma Information Hotline? How can it help?

This free Hotline is for patients who have been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, or suffered a relapse after initial treatment. These events are devastating and overwhelming, and start a desperate pursuit to gain knowledge and understanding. Often people turn first to the internet but encounter an avalanche of search results with no way to assess their accuracy, quality, or applicability. This resource will help patients, families, and caregivers find answers to their questions from experienced, knowledgeable osteosarcoma expert physicians about all aspects of the disease, including available treatments and possible side effects, as well as helpful advice for getting the most out of your visits with your treating physician.

How does it work?

A member of the Osteosarcoma Institute staff will answer your call or email and, on a confidential basis, gather your information and questions for review by one of the sarcoma experts who serves on our board. After this review, we will arrange a phone call between you and the expert.

The Osteosarcoma Information Hotline provides general guidance about the treatment of osteosarcoma. This Hotline resource will help patients, their families and physicians. We can provide referrals for care if you wish. We do not provide medical care or specific medical advice.

The Osteosarcoma Information Hotline is provided free of cost as a service of the Osteosarcoma Institute. Information gathered from you will be treated confidentially by us as described in our Privacy Policy.

How does the Osteosarcoma Information Hotline benefit your physician/oncology team?

Osteosarcoma is a rare cancer diagnosis, and often excellent and compassionate physician teams do not include an expert in this disease. Care teams in this situation routinely welcome the input offered by a disease expert like those that are available through the Osteosarcoma Information Hotline. These physicians are uniquely trained and experienced in the management of osteosarcoma, and their consultation may result in additional options or nuance in care to be considered by your physician team as it maintains continuity of direct clinical care.

A member of the Osteosarcoma Institute staff is ready to answer your questions today!

A service of the Osteosarcoma Institute and caring sarcoma expert physicians

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